Hello my name is Aemy ,I’m thai bloger and thai photography in Switzerrland .

So many people have been wondering why I’ve been post so much photos on my blog. I won’t lie, it’s soooooo much easier to post on Instagram rather than type some stuff on a blog, I guess it’s also cause I don’t even know if people read my blog or blogs in general still. So give me a few minutes of your time and allow me to let some stuff out. Okay..

Yes I’d come up with something from time to time but my drive wasn’t as constant and I thought it would be. You guys are my readers, you come to my blog to read quality work — not some crappy post I put up for the heck of it. NO. I would never. You all don’t deserve to get a bad quality blog post. So yeah,

I starting to do the first shooting at  Youlook Studio and that journey made me so happy, and it continues to be one of the few constant thing that makes me happy on a daily basis so that is what I’ve really been focusing on right now. That plus my family, my relationship,  and my friends. Each and every time I teach,  I ride — I get this surge of energy, power and confidence that I can’t get anywhere else. I finally felt good about myself and it feels amazing.  I would never give up on something I’ve put so much of my heart and soul into. My blog is my baby and I have no plans of abandoning it ever.

I’ll still be posting on Instagram and on my stories so hope to see you all there.

All the best, Aemy Nicolier